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can you clim


Holds great promise! I just wish I could get past the optimization. The blurry camera moving makes it hard to get anything early in the game.

Thanks!! :) Yeah, about optimization... as it was a university project made in 9 months (both the game and the custom engine programmed from scratch), we had to prioritize some elements... and unfortunately optimization was not one of them haha


Lovely game, Optimiztion could be worked on but solid foundation

Thank you! Yeah, optimization  was a problem, because we had only 9 months to develop the custom engine from scratch + the game, so... we had to choose between having nice visuals or optimization (guess what was the choice haha)



Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

I didnt try the game yet

i'll let you know


it's like a link between worlds but more futuristic

Wow, those are big words hahaha Thank you!

holy crap I love link between worlds


joga muito bom no grafico sem criticas desse jogo

Muito obrigado! :)


Absolutely loved the concept of the game!

Something very refreshing and new, which I often miss in games these days..
Also loved the multiple endings! Don't see that very often in indie games.

The only thing I felt was missing, was some indicator to show when you were hidden in the shadows enough to use your skills, or when there was too much light.

At moments, I thought I was hidden, to only appear due to too much light the next second, which resulted in death lol

Conclusion: give the game a try if you're a fan of stealth games!

I also made a video on my experience which you can see here:

Thank you very much for the gameplay and the feedback!

About the indicator whether you can merge or not, your clothes will bright and there will be shadow particles in your character if you can merge, and will not if you can't, but this is only visible when you are not merged (only when you can see the character). That's an issue that we will have to work more on it if we continue the development of the game), because you are right, it's sometimes confusing.

Again, thanks a lot for playing and taking time to give us feedback :)

I have an question is the game complete or in development ? also if there is going to be a full release, will it be free ?

Hi! This game is complete, as it is the final project of the Master in Creation of Videogames that ended two weeks ago. It lasts about 25-30 min. Now we want to check the viability to make a full professional game with these mechanics, which will not be free because of the cost of making it.


Alright, just wanted to tell you that the game looks amazing

Thank you very much! :) 

I played the game, just now and it was really laggy, is there a way to edit the visual settings to have the game run better? if so, then uhh..  how?

The game is quite demanding in terms of resources, but maybe if you change de resolution it will run better. You can go to the "bin/data" folder and open with a text editor the file "config.json". There, you can set the resolution by editing the "xres" and "yres" values. For example, 1280 and 720. Then save the document and exec the game to see if the performance increases.

yo hold up is this based off that one other shadow game?

What game do you mean? We based on a typical stealth game + Splatoon for the shadow merge movement. 


Round two! Made it to the end this time! It even surprised me a bit and lent a bit more depth, at the expense of rampant speculation, to the backstory of this world! Played through twice after seeing there was a choice to be made, and to test out some of the improvements. Gotta say, really love the sonar! Great work devs, I hope to see some more goodness from you all in the future, in whatever form that may be :)

Thank you very much for your feedback (again haha)! And great video! Glad you like the improvements made, some of them were reaaally necessary. We will keep updated you if there are any news... ;)




Hi again! :)

We have updated the game since the last time you played (now it has checkpoints and many more :P), so maybe you want to try it again and discover our cool ending ;)

Oh hell yes!